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Dogs in Irish Myth are always supernatural probably showing the status they had in society in the medieval.There are 3 major dogs in Irish mythology and the trickster Bricriu has heros fighting each other all over Ireland to over possession of one of them. Fionn mac cumhail has 2 famous hunting dogs Bran and Sceoling. His close relationship with the dogs is explained by them being his shapeshifted Brothers.Heros in Irish myth take their names from wolves and dogs. In an explanation of that tradition Cu Chulainn Irelands most famous hero in stories gets his name from acting like a dog for a smith as a child. Its not just huge hunting dogs that were valued either. Lapdogs were a huge commodity in medieval Ireland. The Goddess Boann has an immortal lapdog named Dabilla. The first lapdog in Ireland Mug Eime caused such jealousy he had to be passed among the kings of provinces to avoid wars.I have to say I share the medieval obsession with dogs. Its a sad thing that wolfhounds are so big today their hearts cant take the strain and they die young. The breed standard exists based on the Iron Age roman account of Irish wolf hounds. So huge they terrified people in the Colosseum.Ireland was famous for dogs before we had the written word.